Holy hell is it hot here. And humid. Even at 1am, it’s so damned disgusting that it’s hard to breath outside. I think the high today was 98, and the humidity had to have been over 70%.

I get a new desk Tuesday! Well, antique new desk. A friend is giving it to me! So the studio is in upheaval as I try to make way for the behemoth.

More great feedback on Inherent. I know exactly what I need to do now. Lots of work, but I think I’ll be able to do it quickly.

Oh, and I’m gearing up for DragonCon. Being a virgin con-goer (Heh, ‘congoer’!), what sort of things can you all tell me? I’ll be reporting for Fantasy Magazine, so of course some stuff is preordained. But I’d love to hear tips and advice!


One Response to “Desk!”

  1. My advice for the con: Locate the Con Suite. Personally, I like to plan my schedule right away so that I’m not late for any of the events that really interest me – they’ll give you a handout sheet of the info, and the schedule may be online, too. I haven’t been to DragonCon, so I don’t know. Have fun!

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