Ye Gads!

There be strange things afoot on the Fifthwind streets tonight! Tales of murder, mayhem and burglary, a special detective all the way from, well, somewhere. And the investigator, Othello Atticus is of Grimmsgate fame no less! Top hat this, top hat.

A first clue has been found, and none too soon! Our own Romantic, Stone-Amber herself, was awakened by crashes, and was fortunate enough to chase the intruder from her home! We have posted an armed guard, none other than Silvanus himself, to keep her safe.

The first clue has been found, but it is so vague! ’18’. What possible meaning could it have?

Ahhh, things are so suspicious around these parts. I must remember to lock my doors and keep a weapon about at all times. But they say the pen is mightier than the sword, so let this villain have at me! He shall find me stouter quarry than he knows!

These are perilous times fair readers, perilous times. But if you feel you can shed light on our predicament, please join us! There is strength in numbers!


2 Responses to “Ye Gads!”

  1. I think I might go on vacation until everything blows over. I hope the bodies don’t pile up.

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