Logrozana, Deadlines and Desk

The deserts and crags of Gatika are never welcoming to intruders, or to casual travelers. Plunging down the sides of the mountains of Añorbe, the cast-off lands of fertile Ilgaro and thrust between the Silent Sea and the power of Virgal-Goien, the inhabitants as unforgiving as their desert, and intruders are watched with suspicion.

I finished the second–probably more accurately 1 & 1/2 draft–of Logrozana today. At a shade over 30,000 words, it is still by no means finished. The next week and a half will hopefully be a blitz of writing extra scenes, and then on to Kadaraita on July 1.

I still have to write the beginning and ending of the book too. My goal is to have a basic third draft ready by September 1 so I can go to DragonCon with a clear head. Or as clear a head as I ever get. Logrozana is the weak point of the book, so I’m going to open it early to readers.

I know it has a few places that change tense in mid-paragraph, among other things. That’s the worst sin. The others are typical for me. Mortathes needs work, but will be the focus of the additional scenes.

Love, or duty. Abadiñur. This is the thing the Queens of Ilgaro have always held sacred. Love with sacrifice. Love with duty. Glad resignation.
Rivareyt raises her hand to her men.

In other news… I got my new desk today! I have abrasions, welts and a seriously sore shoulder to show for it, but hey, it’s here. And I love it already. P6231302

It is a good day. Now I want a long nap!


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