Music for Writing

Just a very few of the bands I listen to while writing.

Rob Dougan because you know the soundtracks were the best part of the Matrix franchise, and Dougan had a hand in those. Blues, classical, ambient, big beats… Plus, he uses quite a bit of classical influence and draws from Elgar and others for his instrumentals, and Led Zeppelin and his lyrics and music videos are exquisite. Furious Angel, Born Yesterday, and I’m Not Driving Anymore are some of my favorite songs in general. But go watch the MV for Clubbed to Death.

Kaizers Orchestra has an ‘unpredictable style’, sings in Norwegian, and trust me, some of those songs will stick with you like fruit flies.

Joachim Witt is connected with nearly all of my favorite German bands. He’s worked with Rammstein, OOMPH!, Angelzoom and Lacrimosa, and his voice is lovely. He is also classically-inspired.

No link here, but check out any collaboration between Rammstein and Tatu. Possibly the most unpredictable pairing I could imagine! But even ardent haters of both bands have admitted that it works. Rammstein’s gritty industrial growl goes powerfully with Tatu’s high, girlish pop. Color me stunned. ‘Moskau’ was my first introduction to them.

Three German bands have composed a strong portion of my music collection for years. The trifecta started off with the opening piece of XXX, Feuer Frei! by Rammstein. I’ve been listening happily ever since.

Oomph! has been around for 20 years now with no band-member turnovers! Impressive. And I don’t think there is a single song by them that I don’t like. Their newest album ‘Monster’ is just another in a long line of successes.

It’s not surprising that I would follow a recommendation of Oomph! with one of Eisbrecher. Directly influenced by Oomph!, Eisbrecher is one of the three German bands that I will possibly listen to for the rest of my life.

What is it about me and German bands? Marquess doesn’t even sing in German and I love them. I blame one of SV’s roguish moderators for my German musical obsessions. Marquess is fun to listen to.
Last, but not quite least, is Tiziano Ferro. Although I only love two of his songs, I do love them very much. Stop, Dimentica! and Perdono are strong contenders for favorite song.

And there you go, maybe a few new bands for you to listen to? And don’t forget Jo Blankenburg. He’d be on here if I hadn’t already recommended him!


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