It was pointed out to me by at least two readers of Abadinur that there are a lot of names and concepts to remember. This is true. It is possibly also a result of reading too many myths, fairy-tales and other such things that have lots of characters and names. I really don’t think any of them could be cut out without damaging the story. I try to keep them consistent and not switch between the Marasran/Samisian terms for something and plain English. But off of the top of my head I’ve got shen, paga, baltza and basaguas. And that’s JUST in Abadinur.

Should I write an appendix to accompany? A glossary? Obviously, it would ultimately be the call of the agent/publisher/editor, but I might as well work on that now. I’ve got the framework set up for it, so it wouldn’t take long.

But I dislike those, as a rule, unless they are either very simple, or at the end of the book. It draws away from the suspense for me.



3 Responses to “Conundrum!”

  1. JaymeRoxann Says:

    Melanie Rawn has one of the most complex fantasy stories out there, and she did fine. She did eventually put a glossary at the end, only after the third book of each series was completed. I think you are correct that it keeps the suspense and excitement of trying to keep everything straight. As a kid I reread her books over and over because I would want to brush up on the intertwining stories before the new book came out. Or you could suggest to the publisher something that would make you and them more money.. publishing a seperate appendixes to accompany the books, such as Anne Rice did with the Vampire Companion, and Harry Potter books to that as well.

  2. I would have found it useful, certainly. As I mentioned, I read the first third or so, then when I came back to it the next day had to re-read it all before continuing on so I could remember who was who and what meant what; if there was a glossary it would make that ‘getting back up to speed’ process a bit more streamlined.

    Between reader suspense, and the reader being able to understand what you’re talking about, I’d say the latter is more important in the long run 🙂

  3. Jaym Gates Says:

    I suppose what I could do is put together the sort of cheat-sheet that I keep for my own use. Nothing too plot-specific, but enough to refresh memories.

    Later on, the compendium will be vital though, if I keep working on Shadow and Soul. Inherent ties into that series, as well as other stuff. So having it all interconnected, the reader will need something to keep it straight!

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