Inherent Excerpt: 7/15

Predator, deaf to all the world but this dark woman who reminded him so much of his Lady, watched Sviera without a word. Damp silence pressed on him. His ears thudded with a frightening deafness, his vision darkened. Nekes was tearing at the vessel, frantic and determined to claim him entirely before this foreign witch got him any more under her power.

Sviera gripped Predator’s face between her hands. Weak, shivering, he clung to her wrists, oddly light for his size.

“What is your name?” Sviera asked him.

No no no! MINE! Nekes screamed. I’ll not let you go, not now Avatar!

SILENCE demon! Sviera’s voice rang across his mind, slashed away the fog and wool in his ears, and the noise of the world thundered back in intoxicating potency. I am not speaking to you!

How dare you raise your voice to me mortal! Nekes cried. I am Nekes, the Golden One, Lord of Life!

You are Nekes’Matamorn, Lord of nothing, Lord of things which shall pass! Let him speak!

Predator gasped as Nekes sank claws back into his mind, tearing, slavering. He wept unashamedly as Nekes brought memories that he had thought forgotten.

“Aleshan!” the dark-haired woman ran to him, clung to him with desperate need. “You’re alive!”

“What is your name?”


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