Life During Inherent

I aim to finish Kadaraita tomorrow. I make no promises however, as I aimed to finish today, and am still 5 pages from the end. However… Yeah.

Anyways, I’ve been posting a lot of excerpts, status updates and short pieces recently, and I apologize for the lack of real content. However, August shall be more of the same–if not worse–as I start a huge push to get the third draft edited by September 1.

The gist of it is this: If you are a friend/coworker, expect to see me less, if at all, outside of work for the next month and a half. If you talk to me online–forum concerns aside–be prepared for about once a week at best and a general bad attitude.

I’m also trying to get myself back to my pre-city-life physique. Training horses, running, sleeping and eating better, all that will count a lot. 6-7 hours of sleep a night max, do NOT get in the way of that unless you want me to vanish! (M, Felicia and Kuro being the exceptions at this point, since they all make me take care of myself anyways.)

This story freaking rocks. If I can’t get this published, then I’m sort of screwed. So help me finish this up and have ready to pitch at DragonCon. That’s the first week of September. And I still have a lot of work to do.

So, remember that you love me… or pretend to love me… or at least tolerate me… because I might not be talking/posting much over the next month.

Then again, maybe I’ll be really talkative. Who knows, it’s happened before!

Thanks guys, you rock!


4 Responses to “Life During Inherent”

  1. Felicia Lubecki Says:

    Thanks for making me an exception! I am so proud you are going to get some more sleep too. =) If you need to disappear for a while though, I totally understand. Eat your veggies, get some running in, train those horses, write write write, and know that I really do support you. Life is getting crazier and crazier for the both of us…chaos is a term I will be using to describe my life for a good long while, and it sounds like your life is not much better.

    I guess it makes everything more fun?

  2. Jaym Gates Says:

    Awww, my poor nursing student. We’re going to have to take mutual care of each other.

    And yeah, it’s far too boring to have a sane life dammit!

  3. ladykuro Says:

    Congrats on getting the edit done! You also now have a shiny newly edited copy of CDtR in you inbox! And I shall do my best to keep you safe, in line, happy, etc.

  4. Jaym Gates Says:

    Safe? I scoff at safety.

    In-line… SERIOUSLY? Mwahahaha. Good luck with THAT one sweetheart.

    Happy… Well hey, give me violence and mayhem, and your job is done!

    Looking forward to CDTR though!

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