Oy, my life

A coworker is industriously trying to lead me into a New Age cult. Thanks, I’ll pass. Eternal light and love REALLY aren’t my things. Now, if it was all mayhem and madness with a side of insanity, I might be interested. However, the light and life might be fun to play with. Remember kids, just chant a made-up word and all your problems will go away.

I have a strong dislike of such things. Can you tell?

Inherent is at 110,000 words. Worked a little on the beginning this morning, but not really feeling it yet. Tomorrow, I shall compile all the stuff and get it into one document to start the next editing spree. THAT one is going to be long and rough.

The humidity was 90% here yesterday I swear. I thought I was swimming. Combined with the heat, it did not make for a good day.

I posted Wind-Loved on the forum today on our private board for a quick review. It’s not finished yet, but I’ll try and finish it by the end of next week.

After that, I’ve been challenged to write a short story in two weeks. This will be quite the challenge, since I’ll still be working on Inherent, writing articles, working, and starting a class right after the story is done. Yikes!

The purpose of that story however is basically a training tool for the forum. I’ll be doing daily posts on it. Not just word count, but process and theory and inspiration. This was requested by several members who want to learn the process of writing a short story. Although New Name isn’t all that short, it is completed! Maybe I can weasel Kuro into doing one too!

On the subject of Fifthwind Forums, we’ve decided to try and get it moving and active again. So many of us are older members that we’ve sort of talked ourselves out a little. Plus, there was a string of negative issues that sort of turned people off.

The first order of business is a forum-wide duel. The theme is asking what each member has learned from the forum, and why they are there. This is different from our usual fiction duels. The winner’s post will be our ‘welcome’ thread. Kuro, Fifthwind and I shall be the judges.

We’re also encouraging a membership drive and somewhat-friendly debate. If you happen to have a moment, drop on by! We serve fantasy, science fiction and horror writers–and even a romance writer!–as well as a thriving RPG community. Debates, encouragement… If it’s about writing, it’s there.

I get new x-rays on my shoulder next week. It’s time to see if I can shock yet another doctor with my inhuman healing rate. I would love it so. Pain has diminished quite a bit thankfully.

About mid-point on the two new masks. Adding fripperies to them now. Pictures to be posted soon.

I’ll be attending some of the writing classes at DragonCon. I was already sold on it, and then I saw that Michael Stackpole is teaching some of them! I mean, really. I’d sell my soul to attend those classes now. But I’d really like to get a schedule so I can see if I’ll have time to go to any of the panels and such. 12 hour-long classes is a lot.

Yes, I’m back into school, starting August 17. I’ve been out of college for almost 3 years now. Have one year behind me, but with dual majors, a Master’s and a desired Ph.d on the horizon, slacking time is over. And I need to be ready to launch when I get to Oregon.

Speaking of Oregon, my mother has an interview with Shaw on Monday. That would be an awesome monetary addition. It would mean I could actually afford to not only move, but possibly not kill myself on two jobs after moving. That would be quite nice.

If someone wants to volunteer to read Wind-Loved for me, raise your hands. Goal is to start submitting it with New Name on August 1.

And now, off to another hot day of work!


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