Story Markets!

So the time has come for me to start putting together my own easily-searched catalogue of magazines that I can submit my short fiction to. Since I tend to have a fairly coherent theme and style, I can make on list and just indicate which ones will take stories as long as ‘New Name’.

This is a great resource to have if you write short stories. Not only does it allow me to save time on searching, I can make notes in the document on what they do/don’t like, if they are quick to follow, if they are black holes. (For instance, I submitted to Leading Edge back in March, and never heard from them. Since I had found better markets that would take New Name, I didn’t bother to follow up. But that would be noted.)

I also intend to use this for non-fic writing and submissions, once I get my butt in gear there.

The markets I will be submitting New Name (11,000 words) and Wind-Loved (somewhere around 4000-5000 words) to include:

Black Gate, which accepts both lengths of story.

Weird Tales isn’t particularly up to either of these stories, but a good future consideration.

One of my first choices for New Name is Baen’s Universe.

Another great idea (if they open submissions before New Name is accepted…) is King’s English.

And of course, F&SF.

I need to do more research into the shorter markets. New Name is such a long story that most places won’t consider it, so I got in a habit of ‘click, sigh, move on to the next market’.

I probably won’t submit to Fantasy Magazine at this point however. I have a weird thing about submitting somewhere that I work, however casually it is.

So there we have it, the beginnings of my submission list!


9 Responses to “Story Markets!”

  1. ladykuro Says:

    I’ll soon be making a list of my own, I hope. But first, I need to figure out what people would classify Calling Down the Rain as.

  2. Jaym Gates Says:

    Yeah, CDTR is hard to classify. You could actually submit it to almost any story market probably. The genre ones would be harder.

  3. Jaym Gates Says:

    Heh. Good luck with that. I think Wind-Loved is cowering in a corner and crying.

    • ladykuro Says:

      Yeah, well, if it can stand up to their scathing remarks, I’m sure it can stand up to an editor, right?

  4. Jaym Gates Says:

    Yeah really. You trying to get Bobby to read it? And will you be submitting to Fantasy?

    • ladykuro Says:

      I’ll have anyone who will read it take it. I don’t particularly care if Bobby reads it, though I suppose he might if I post it in his section. And I’ll probably be submitting it as fantasy, but I’m not sure where. I guess I’d really like to submit it to a paper magazine.

      • Jaym Gates Says:

        Let me get my list of magazines put together, and I’ll send it to you. Eventually, I’ll post it on my website and the forum.

  5. ladykuro Says:

    Cool. I’d really appreciate that.

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