Demons, Beasties and Selkies: Pt. 1

Tonight is a weird night, and so it makes perfect sense to haul out some of the odder denizens of the mythological realm for inspection. Hey! Quiet you! Get back in line, and stop picking on Abraxos!

We’ll start with some of our odder Western demons.

Just in case you thought your professors were evil, try having Alloces as a teacher! And yes, he teaches liberal arts. And immortality. Hey, now there’s a major I could get behind!

I just can’t get past the “Unicorn-frog! The new Pokemon!” thoughts on seeing the picture of Amdusias. Really.

Oh, and apparently whoever wrote the scripts of demonology really, really hated school. Teaching right alongside Alloces was Foras. He taught the infernal knowledge of philosophy and logic. Damn that logic to hell!

(There is also a demon of maths. But I’m too lazy to find his name. I do recall that math is certainly of demonic invention however.)

Forneus teaches Rhetoric and languages, gives men a good name, and makes them be loved by their friends and foes.” How is this guy a bad thing? Geez.

“Dude! It’s a giant deer! With hands! And wings! What was IN that pot!?” *deep, somnolent voice as the dread thing descends on them* “THOU SHALT SUFFER THE FURRY FURY OF FURFUR (hewhosnametranslatesasbranbutletsnotmentionthateh?). DIE FOOLISH MORTALS!”
Really, whoever came up with this stuff was smoking something GOOD!

In the spirit of the post above… Please never summon Amy. The thought of what might appear is too terrifying.


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