Another email from my grandmother, and a reminder why I don’t ever let my family see what I write.

Although she freely admits to having lost her own faith, she still feels free to fire-and-brimstone me over mine. This latest email was full of talk about how I seemed to be ‘following Eastern philosophy’ (yes actually, to a large degree…), and how that didn’t make any sense (well, philosophy DOESN’T make any sense when you don’t want to think…) and how she thinks that maybe I’m ‘crying for our help’ (Um, no. thanks though. Keep your help. I’ve spent too long already trying to recover from ‘our help’) and how the darkness of the stuff I’m writing just breaks her heart.

Ok then. Not sending anything more to family…

So I spent a while talking about religion. Which I loathe doing. Her reply was surprisingly reasonable. I’m left with vast curiosity as to whether she has yet seen ‘I have tattoos’ in those final sentences…

I don’t need to write fiction. I’ve got family that must have stepped straight from the pages of fiction!


4 Responses to “Lovely”

  1. ladykuro Says:

    See, this is why I tried not to even tell certain portions of my family when I first got published. Of course, then my brother had to go and blab, but I’m sure you’ve already heard about that little debacle.

  2. Jaym Gates Says:

    No… You didn’t tell me this! Share!

    And yeah. Most of my family doesn’t get to know.

    • ladykuro Says:

      So, as you know, that little piece of micro fiction isn’t the brightest piece. I wasn’t going to show my Nana because, well, that isn’t the sort of writing she expects from me, and I really don’t want to shatter that image of the ‘good little girl’ (she already gives me way too many Christian tapes to listen to, you know, just because). Anyways, My brother goes and blabs to her that I’ve been published. So of course she wants to see. I find out after my brother’s graduation when she and my Uncle are coming over, so there’s going to be no denying her. My brother and I rush home from the restaurant, and I compose another piece in about ten minutes. Not nearly as good, but still pretty good for ten minutes.

  3. Jaym Gates Says:

    *SNORT* That sounds like the first time I showed my grandparents some of my fiction. They wouldn’t take no for an answer, so I took a piece and revised it HEAVILY.

    They loved it.

    Such dangerous lives we writers lead!

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