Hidden, Inherent, and Pampering

Mondays are my Fridays, ironically. I have Tuesday and Wednesday off. In other words, the wildness of a typical Monday combines with the exhaustion and rampant misanthropy of Fridays. And today was a stranger Monday than usual. One of ‘THOSE days’, y’know? And not just for me. For everyone that I’ve talked to… in this area. Must be the weather.

Whatever the reasons, my ‘Friday night’ looks great. Lush bathbombs, a bath, the next few chapters of de Lint’s Memory and Dream, herbal tea, Cirque du Soliel music in the background, and a lot of thunder, lightning and rain outside.

Digging into one such chamber, she found a large black crystal next to a shard of quartz, and a tiny agate carving of a dragon.

I’m going to try and finish Hidden this weekend. Not finish as in ready-to-submit, but finish the rough draft. With 2399 words on it, if I do 900 a day I’ll have 4200 and a very nice draft. (If there was any question of exhaustion–I had to pull up the calculator to figure out that word goal. Ouch!)

The fun thing about Hidden is that its giving me ideas for a future story–or seven–and I like being able to tie things together.

Only he heard the call in that terrible voice. The storm had been a mere side-effect of too much power.

Inherent is clipping along nicely. I’m on pg. 62 of 255 after only a week and a half (?) of editing. I hadn’t planned to start this draft till August 1, so I was two weeks ahead of schedule.

Logrozana is almost finished, and then comes the monster Abadinur, which is almost half of the book just by itself.

In other good news… I’ve cleaned out a number of my outstanding projects. The ones left are ones I really need to get done… And really DON’T want to do. Figures eh?

Night folks. I’m off to enjoy the storm and fine story-telling.


3 Responses to “Hidden, Inherent, and Pampering”

  1. ladykuro Says:

    Happy weekend!

  2. i heard the word misanthropy and came over. this does not make me happy.

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