Wastelands: History of the Breed Empire pt. 1

Another great guest-column from Havoc about the Wastelands forum-based RPG!

ENTRY 5: A History of The Breed Empire-Part 1

We’ll be deviating from a bit of game stuff today to bring you a small piece of history from Wastelands. Namely, a multi-part series on the rise and breakup of The Breed Empire.

PART ONE: The Rebellion

The birth of a nation can be a very violent thing. In some cases it can be very smooth and quiet, but given the past history of humanity, it does not always come to pass. The Breed were no exception either. When Horatio Scarab the first vowed to show humanity their inhumanity through what they had created (IE: them) he planned and made sure that it would be an example that would carve a permanent mark in world history.

This mark is known as the Six Months War. Named as such for its length. The Breed call it ‘The Tyrant’s Fall’ and the end of it is regarded among the breed as a national holiday. During this time, the Breed had access to the massive funds of a genetics research and engineering company by the name of Gentech Engineering. With almost a billion in funds, and a long yet carefully thought out plan, Scarab and the hybrids infiltrated the American people over almost a century. There they appeared human, among real humans, orcs, trolls and elves and went unnoticed, until there had been enough to infiltrate aspects of the US government. Namely the higher echelons of the military. Once it had been done, the breed found access to the numerous minuteman missile silos all over the US. In 2115, when the world was in utter turmoil and the US was seen as one of only a few places where there was no conflict, the breed prepared for their strike. Predictably, the president of the time saw it as the duty of the US to make the world safe for democracy and deployed a large number of armed forces throughout the world. Most notably Europe to keep the peace, Africa to assist in aiding the defenders against the spider-centaurs known as arachnains, and China to aid in pushing back the naga.

At this time, the breed attacked, launching several of the missiles at key targets in the US to cripple their war machine and cut off the rest of the forces from the mainland. Despite the advanced technology and numbers, the breed were able to isolate and destroy the traces of resistance thanks to their planning and access to tried and true weapons. At the end of the conflict, the last of the US forces retreated to the West Coast. Scarab decided to show them a grand gesture that would be the end of United States. One that would also show the rest of the world just how far the breed were willing to go against their enemies. A massive nuclear bombardment. Using several minuteman missiles, the breed launched them along a single massive and coordinated strike against the West Coast, turning the entire region, from the southern reaches of California to the Washington/British Colombia border into a nuclear wasteland. Virtually nothing survived the assault and the background radiation is still present to this day.

With no clear power in the chaos, the breed, under Scarab formed an empire. They modeled themselves after the Romans as they identified with the conquering forces. They set about rebuilding and separating the normals from their own. The humans, orcs trolls and elves found themselves without a leader and forced into the ruins of the once glorious American cities. The few that hadn’t been ruined with conflict were claimed by the breed. Not all the normals went quietly though, and many to this day fight a guriella war against the Empire.

To combat this threat, two military forces were created. One for matters of the state and internal affairs, known as the Population Defense Force, or PDF. Forming a mix of national guard and police force, the PDF quickly earned a reputation for being brutal and straightforward.

The second has become synonymous with war in the Americas and are an example of the blending of animal instinct and human intellect and how powerful they are when working together. The Imperial Legions.

That is all for now folks! See you next time for the golden age of the empire!



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