Free-write: 7/30

She comes up here every day, to this isolated little island of steps, and looks out over her ruined kingdom. Her little boat moored to a railing, she sits on the tiny area she cleared of debris, and thinks of the past. Waves lap at the cracked steps, whispering of corpses hidden in the depths of the new sea. Rotting wood floats past, some with skeletons still lashed on, seagulls scavenging for flesh.

Sometimes the waves bring her pretty treasures, things that once had value, whether personal or financial she doesn’t know, to their owners. She collects these, taking them to her little suite in an old tower, arranging them on the shelves, so that she has something to look at when the weather won’t let her go to her steps.

She’s the last of her people, an old woman as run-down and decrepit as the city, cursed to live as long as signs of the once-mighty kingdom exist. Her only companion is a little girl, speechless and deaf, who washed up on her stairs one day. The girl is foreign, that is all the woman knows. That, and the fact that the child can call the sea creatures somehow, wordlessly, keeping them fed, making friends with the dolphins, sharks and other creatures too big for them to eat.


2 Responses to “Free-write: 7/30”

  1. Hey, that was pretty good. Have you ever considered taking up writing? I think you’d be good at it. 😀

  2. Jaym Gates Says:

    Heh. thanks! And that’s a really old piece too.

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