Today I…

…watched a young dog tear a yard up in her excitement.

…drove over 100 miles to meet all my obligations.

…have endured a 20+ hour day on 5 hours of light sleep.

…spent half an hour talking to lady (customer) at work, talking about everything from houses to androgyny.

…realized that–unlike CA, where few people missed me when I left–a very random and large assortment of great people will miss me when I leave here…

…and I’ll actually miss them too!

…watched lightning lace a pink sunset-lit twilight thunderhead beside a nearly full moon over the freeway.

…encouraged someone to keep going.

…decided that I want Hidden, Wind-Loved and New Name to be the triad of stories to get me SFWA recognition!

…saw a horse transformed from an angry, scared beast into a sweet and intelligent darling. (More on that tomorrow!!)

…took a deep breath of country air, and surrounded myself with dogs, children, horses, land, memories and magic and remembered why I love country life so much.

…was reminded that my negativity is my worst pitfall right now. I really need to be more positive.

…felt a deep, gentle thrill at the perfection of the moment.

…and remembered that the simple pleasures of life are just that: simple and pleasant.

I’ll talk about the horses and the amazing progress there. But I’ll talk about that tomorrow, not tonight! I’m off to a Lush bathbomb, the next 100 pages of de Lint’s Memory and Dream, tea and a bath.

Night all.


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