Wastelands: History of the Breed Empire Pt. 2

ENTRY 6: A History of The Breed Empire-Part 2

History of the Breed Empire Pt. 1 here, to refresh your memories!

PART 2: Reconstruction and A Golden Age

Under the rule of Horatio Scarab I, the Breed Empire grew and prospered. Much had been destroyed in the Six Months War and he sought to have the new empire become a great and shining example to all hybrids of what their kind could accomplish. It was also a not-so-subtle jab at humans, orcs, trolls and elves, to show them that they were capable of being civilized creatures and the only reason for the destruction of the US was due to the hybrids being treated like experiments. A new city was built in what was Pennsylvania and named Haragath. This would become the capitol of the entire empire. Great buildings were constructed, some of which modeled specifically after buildings of ancient Rome. Horatio ordered this specifically for a number of reasons, but most well known of these are his liking for the similarities. Especially the columns. A certain level of authority he felt came from these buildings and he wanted that to be reflected, especially in the capitol.

Several more Breed cities started to appear, several of them were built up over the ruins of old American cities, even with the humans, orcs, trolls and elves still living in them. Tensions between the breed and humanity remained high in this process, but outright hostilities were rare, if only for the PDF. They did not care for the non-hybrids, even going as far as calling them ‘inferiors’ and sometimes even openly assaulting them. The Legions were along the border to Canada, before Scarab ordered an invasion. The war with Canada lasted for two years, but ended with the provinces being inducted into the growing Empire.

Reconstruction for the cities continued steadily, even after Horatio’s death. His son, Horatio II took power and kept the Empire running, creating many marvels for them. However, it was also during this time that the Imperial Family discovered the genetic degregation that would come to threaten their people. The Imperial Family, Horatio’s bloodline, determined that it wasn’t a problem, and would be solved later. The current goal was determined to be that the Empire needed an infrastructure and to become more then just a collection of cities. This was done though the creation of the Imperial Decree. A single document that only the Imperial Family could modify. It was ratified almost unanimously due to its surprising fairness. The Empire saw a massive growth in science and magic over the coming years, with a few conflicts with the non-hybrid resistance, but nothing that would constitute all out warfare.

But all golden ages eventually end. And the darkest time the Empire faced, was just looming over the horizon…

And that end I shall share next time as we come to the conclusion of the History of The Breed Empire.



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