This is a filler blog that was written a while back for those days when Jaym is somewhat lacking of either brain-power or internet connection or time. Or all three. Or, more accurately today, because Jaym is off to actually indulge in the following strangeness.

Some really random facts about my sleeping habits, just because you all really needed to know.

1.) I am a chronic insomniac. With only a couple of hours of sleep, you’d think I’d GO TO SLEEP. No. I’ll still lie there for an hour.

2.) I can live on 4 hours of sleep a night indefinitely if I get an hour’s nap mid-afternoon.

3.) I can sleep almost anywhere. I love sleeping in cars, on the back of couches, lying sideways or backwards on the bed, or on the floor, or contorted in a chair. I have been known to sleep on a 2×4 railing above a 10′ drop at the ranch.

4.) The exceptions are airplanes and hotels. I have only slept on an airplane once. I’ll be wide-awake in any hotel until morning. Then I sleep just fine.

5.) I got my start in writing because of insomnia. Since I had to go to bed as a kid, I’d put my headphones on and start making up stories until I fell asleep. War and martial music worked best. (on par with my ability to watch the bloodiest movie with relish but leave the room if the characters kissed.)

6.) I don’t share my bed. With anyone. If I have to, I don’t sleep well at all. Ya think there’s a reason I stay single?

7.) As a kid, it was common to find me on the floor in the morning, all curled up with my covers.

8.) Although I can seldom sleep, when I am finally asleep, I’ll sleep for an average of nine hours. I’ve slept as long as 15 hours straight… once. I hate going to bed, but I actually love sleeping.

9.) My inability to sleep has led me to be able to shut my body down. I’ll show all the physical signs of sleep but be intensely awake. My campers always hated this when I was a counselor. With my eyes closed, I could ‘see’ everyone in the room and exactly what they were doing. I’ll wake up as refreshed–or more–than from sleep.

10.) When I was about 15, my family rented a motorhome and went on a cross-country road trip. Up to Washington, around through Montana and Wyoming, down into Arizona. I spent most of my time drowsing in the overhead bed, as much as 10 hours a day. Not sleeping, just letting my mind have free-rein. That is one of my best memories.


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