Innocently Plotting

Er, planning? Right.

So I was working on my Dragon*Con schedule and noticed something interesting: Browncoats and BSG both have big Shindigs on Saturday night, right around the same time.

Now, not much of a BSG fan here, but I AM a Browncoat, and I WILL be at the Browncoat shindig. And then a nefarious plan popped into my head.

BSG is just begging for a full-scale invasion. I mean, they look like Alliance, right? And it’s all in the spirit of good fun. But holy HELL that could be shiny. Who’s with me?

In other news, I want to die prematurely. I won’t be going to Atlanta Thursday night, like originally planned, but I might as well be. I work until 10pm Thursday. So I’ll be home around 11. Then I have to finish packing. And lord knows I’ll be giddy. Yeah, well I have to BE UP at 4am to drive to Atlanta.

Why? Because I have fond memories of the I-Ching, I really want the chance to drag out an old I-Ching joke, and there’s a panel at, uh, 11:30am on the I-Ching that looks fabulous. Only problem is, I have to register and get my media pass before the panel. So… earlyearlyearly morning.

But here’s a preliminary Dragon*Con schedule for your’s truly.

Friday Panels: I-Ching, Asian Philosophy and Mythology, Tarot Readings (fortuitous timing, since my current story is largely tarot-influenced), a Writer’s Workshop on ‘Rules of Writing’, Writer’s Workshop on World-building, City of Night, Writer’s Workshop on writing Fight Scenes, and the late-night ‘Tattooing in the Eastern World’. I also have Opening Ceremonies to attend. That’s where I’ll be looking for people! I’d love to see anyone who plans to be there.

Saturday: Tapping Your Psychic Potential (as many stories as I write about Witches, might want to know this stuff a bit more…), What Price Immortality (I don’t write many mortal characters…), then I send my mom off to ‘You Say Religion, I Say Magic’ while I run off to ‘Scary Fairytales’, Mom gets to run to ‘Marketing with Twitter’ while I go to Writer’s Workshop Style and Mood, Writer’s Workshop Plotting, Buffy and Angel Guest Extravaganza, Fun with Demonology while Mom is at Tattoo: History and Art, Goblins Minotaurs and Elves for me and Fairies and Fairytales for Mom, and then we both have to run to the aforementioned Shindig to stir up trouble. After that, Cruxshadows and Hellblinki.

Sunday: The Science of Paranormal Psychology, then the much-anticipated Browncoats: Redemption panel, Tai Chi Chu’an of Yin and Yang, Sherlock for Mom and Writer’s Workshop for me (Editing. Oh gods I need that), Things I wish Someone had Told Me for me and Tarot: Magic and Mystery for Mom. Hopefully we’ll be able to attend the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company’s production of Cthulu and the Pirate Fashion Show before I head to Creating a Viable Spiritual Base for Fiction.

Monday: 11:30-4: Writer’s Workshops for me while Mom entertains herself in suitably terrifying fashion.

Did I mention there is going to be a LOT of running? And little time for eating? I’m taking a massive financial risk going to the convention, so I’m getting everything out of it that I can.

I already feel the exhaustion setting in.


3 Responses to “Innocently Plotting”

  1. Good luck and have fun, darlin 🙂

  2. and bring back lots of notes for us all. 😀

  3. Jaym Gates Says:

    Oh god the notes!

    Be sure to check in here actually. I’ll have my laptop with me most of the weekend, and I have to post Con reports for Fantasy Magazine, so I’ll try and put notes up here at the same time.

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