It NEVER Fails

I’m supposed to work till 10pm next Thursday and leave at 4am, yes? Yes. So saith the plans.

Best laid plans of mice and men…

My schedule got jacked. So not only am I working until ELEVEN PM, it’s a nine-hour shift. Wait while I whimper please? (I do 9 hours all the time. But not right before I go to a convention, ideally.)

On top of that, we realized that leaving at 4am hits rush-hour traffic in Atlanta. Now I have a grudge against non-rush-hour traffic in Atlanta. So instead of leaving at 4am, we will leave at 2am. Notice something here? Oh yeah, I get home 3 hours before I need to leave again.

Somehow, this strange pattern developed where every big trip/attempted vacation involves at least one all-nighter. This one is worse than most because I won’t be able to catch up even when I get back. So it’s about two weeks of horribly jacked schedule.

Partly because, when I get back (on Monday), I have to go in Tuesday for an overnight construction project at the store. Sleep-cycle? What the hell is THAT?

Oh well. I thrive on challenge, right? Right. I’ll keep telling myself that.

Oh, but I do have the documents now for my press-pass. Nice, official-looking letter from Prime Books authorizing me to cover the event for Fantasy Magazine. Printed off my nice by-lined interview, have photo ID, here’s hoping we’re good. Although, come to think of it, I need to track something else down still too. Right then. Off to do that.


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