Thoughts on an Autumn Witching Hour

I saw my first autumn geese today, flying south. That’s a sight that never fails to make me happy in fall and depressed in spring. I love fall and winter. I love spring, and I love summer for about a week. But this year, all I could think was ‘I was supposed to be flying too’.

Ah well, such is life. Another southern winter, but hopefully a western spring.

And yes, it is the witching hour. We’re packing up to leave for Dragon*Con. The cat is yelling about our leaving, and mom is trying to figure out why she has cinnamon on her bedroom floor. I still feel less than dragonish, largely because I haven’t had a solid meal since Sunday, and lost (literally) meals don’t count.

And strangely, I was just missing country life. Now, I’m sure that about one day of setting fence in the Northern California hills would make me change my mind in a hurry, but hey. I’m a country girl, born and bred. There’s something honest and satisfying about measurable progress and achieved goals.

And speaking of country life? Here’s a bit of country remedy for you. Seein’ as my family is prone to bruises, trauma of the blunt variety and just plain getting trampled, we’ve tried out pretty much all of the bruise remedies there are.

(Personal, partial tally: kicked in head by steel-shod horse at 15. Kicked in leg by non-steel-shod horse. Trampled by stupid horse. Bitten by greedy horse… twice. Caught edge of swinging shovel on wristbone. Several other concussions. Multiple instances of running into the door… or the horse… or the ground by means of falling off the horse… See what I mean?)

The best? Comfrey. My mom credits comfrey for her quick healing of a fractured foot. I know it’s doing wonders for the massive bruise on my head right now. It’s quick and easy: a handful of dried comfrey leaves in a quarter-cup witch-hazel. Steep for 1-3 days. Use a cotton ball or pad to keep the bruise covered for a while. It’s soothing, cooling and it really does help.


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