Writing Music: August Edition

Ok, so it will probably be posted in September while I’m at Dragon*Con.

Anyways, there are some great new bands I’ve added to my playlists. Most of these are courtesy of the Watchmen and Natural Born Killers soundtracks. The soundtracks starred some old favorites like Nine Inch Nails, Cowboy Junkies and er, can’t remember…Anyways, here are the new ones.

L7 was an all-girl grunge band. Not usually my thing, I tend to like male voices. Nice and hard, catchy. I have to put this one next to Porcelain and the Tramps. Check out songs Shitlist, Drama, I Need and a cover of Cherry Bomb with the wonderful Joan Jett.

Speaking of Joan Jett, yes, she’s been added to the listening list.

I found out about Cruxshadows when I was looking at the performance list for Dragon*Con. I liked the description, was able to find some music, and the rest is history. This one goes up there with Lacrimosa, although there’s not the great classical element, there is a much catchier dance-beat.

Does Leonard Cohen really need any introduction? Probably not. But here’s where that fondness for male voices comes into play. I don’t dance and this music makes me want to! So far, loving the songs Hallelujah, Democracy, The Future, Closing Time and especially Waiting for the Miracle.

From the Watchman soundtrack comes more Philip Glass. I originally heard him with Kronos Quartet. Both are worth a solid listen.

I’m not sold on ALL of their music, but Simon and Garfunkel get added to this list merely for The Sound of Silence.

And that’s it for now!


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