Dragon*Con 2009

First off, my feet hurt. My ankles hurt. My calves hurt. My thighs hurt. My knees hurt. Bones I don’t even have seem to be hurting! Really.

Secondly, the Atlanta public transport SUCKS. Not even in a small way. As in, we get on bus. Wait. Driver fiddles around. Wait. Driver leaves. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait 20 more minutes. No sign of driver. Is he at gunpoint somewhere? Finally sidles back. Heads out after more waiting. Bastard.

Third, there are some amazingly talented people at Dragon*Con. The costumes, the music, AMAZING. I’m having a hard time choosing a favorite.

Also, my trend of adopting random men stuck with me. THREE of them tonight actually, all at the Browncoats Shindig. Bear taught me to dance. (Lord almighty, that’s a big guy. Sweet as hell, but he could back up a punch!) Lyle came and tried to use me as a human heating pad. Sadly, given my relative square acreage versus his much taller acreage, he didn’t get much warmth from me. Looking forward to seeing all of them tomorrow. A little worried about catching Lyle though, I don’t have any way to track him down!

The panels today–all one of them that I actually got to sit in on–were so awesome they ran out of seating. Seriously. I made it into the Haunted Places one because I got there half an hour early. They obviously need to add some rooms!

The funny thing? Talking to Cherie Priest about a few little places like Weimar Academy, Southern College… Oh, you don’t know what those are? Those are some of the schools from the denomination we both came from. It was awesome, because she said the church (which regard F/SF as of the devil), has smitten her from all alumni lists and all mentions. So she goes and mentions them as much as possible!

I must become famous just so I can screw with a church that is borderline cult. THAT is my new goal in life!


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