Yeah, it’s Personal

One of the things that Kevin Anderson and Rebecca Moesta mentioned in their Things I Wish Some Pro Had Told Me (and then mentioned again, and again…), was personalized rejections from publications.

Now, I knew it was a good thing. I didn’t have the numbers, the comparison of just how rare, or how good a thing it was. If nothing else, the things I learned about rejections from that class will stand me in good stead!

Moving back for a moment, I wrote my first completed short story in June. I send out Wind-Blessed later that month to Strange Horizons. I didn’t expect it to do anything. Nada. It was a story I needed to write, and it was good (in my opinion), but not ground-breaking. But Strange Horizons kept it…and kept it…and kept it. Ok, that’s a good sign.

They did reject it today. With a personalized note.

I liked the quality of the writing in this piece, but the storyline felt a little too generic…

Wind-Blessed is the first short story I wrote. The first short-story submission. Hidden Fire was the second. I have personalized notes on both of them.

I think that, given my lack of experience and training, I can take rejections on those two. But what’s next for them?

Wind-Blessed is a good story. It’s mythic, it tells the story of a home-coming. It probably isn’t the sort of story to make it in today’s market. However, there are several journals focusing on myths and fairytales that I will probably submit to. I don’t have any burning need to have Wind-Blessed published, and so it may simply be archived or put on the website.

Hidden Fire, on the other hand, is something I want published. It’s a strong, unique story, and it sets up the world that I find myself writing in regularly. I already implemented the feedback from Beneath Ceaseless Skies and am going to submit it to Weird Tales next.

Climb No Mountain went out to Ideomancer last week, and so is out of the running for a few months. Little-Girl Giant, a flash piece, went to Vestal Review about the same time. Five Crowns needs a permanent name and a little editing before I send it out. I’m not sure where I will send it yet either.

I’m worried about my style, to be honest. I tried my hand at commercial fiction, at plot-driven stories that start at point A and end up at Point Z. I can’t do that, at least not well. I like looking inside character’s minds, looking out through their eyes at the events around them. The style plays a little fast and loose with the rules, and drives some of my proof-readers nuts.

It might be that my style has to evolve still, or change. But hearing I liked the quality of the writing makes me a lot more optimistic about my chances.


3 Responses to “Yeah, it’s Personal”

  1. YAY!!! Great start!

  2. Yes indeed a great start!

  3. Thumbs up Morn! 😀 All steps towards the prize.

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