Page Four

So yes, I’ve touted Sonar and StoryBook before. Sonar has proven its worth already. One quick glance, and I know what went where when and why and what I heard/didn’t hear back. Got that? It is much, much easier than a document.

StoryBook hasn’t gotten so much use. I tend to keep my characters in my head, so I don’t need a character tracking device so much. Same with plots. So StoryBook isn’t all that useful to me personally, but I still highly recommend giving it a try.

And now, most lately, I wanted to try a program like Scrivener. Since that’s Mac only, I found a link to a program called Page Four, which seems to be a similar-enough program.

One of the things I bitch about is the number of OpenOffice tabs I have to keep open. I’d like all the research to be bundled up neatly, and it looks like Page Four will do that for me. Also, it provides nice automatic backups, so if I screw up, I can just visit the archives and reboot. Nice.

So there you have it. Three programs that I recommend. I do not, however, currently recommend WordPress. At the moment, spellcheck recognizes none of the following words: WordPress, spellcheck, and proven.

Fail, WordPress, fail.


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