Wastelands: Making Your World: Part 1

ENTRY 8: Making Your World: Part-1

Whenever you start making a world for an RP, you have to think of, obviously, what kind of RP you want to play in. There are a lot of different kinds. Matter of fact, I’m quite confident that there are as many kinds of RP as there are genres and people because of the limitless factors of one’s imagination. However, just saying ‘I don’t care’ isn’t exactly the best idea. Sometimes I will admit that this can lead to some very fun and interesting RPs but, there are better ways to go about it and actually create something worthwhile and interesting.

The first thing you need to decide is if this RP is going to be based on anything. If it is something like a fan RP for something like a popular TV show or a movie or video game, then you already have most of your work done. The setting, characters, events and rules of that world are already in place. The important thing to remember with this sort of RP though is to make sure you follow those rules that the setting has already established. Sure, you can probably get away with bending them, especially if you’re in a group of friends, but sometimes you will run into people who follow things a little too close to the letter. These fans can make any RP like this a living hell because of how closely they want things to follow. I admit, there is a line that should be clear, but sometimes these kinds of individuals can make that line so thin that even a small mistake can ruin it.

If you’re just coming up with something on your own, then you can have a lot more free reign. This aspect too, potential players can jump in on if they are interested. The very first thing you should do is have vision. What kind of setting and story do you want your players to be in? Like I said above, the possibilities are only limited by imagination. This is really really basic, I know, but we all must crawl before we can run. And figuring out the basics can also really help in the long run. It’s a skeleton for you to build everything on.

The everything mentioned above is going to be what happens, the story of the setting! Given the more free-form aspects of forum-based RP, there is more for place for this sort of thing, since the events and everything aren’t set in stone, but players actively help create the world around them. Be sure to have at least enough that you can get started though. Sometimes the more you have the better it is, but remember: don’t go overboard. Your players will make some of their own stuff as it is. You can make more and more stuff for it if you want (like some of the developments for Wastelands goes, I make up some of the basics then the players fill in the details, or vise-versa depending on what’s going on) and the bigger your setting gets, the more you have to add to fill it. Yes, sometimes you don’t HAVE to, because of necessity, but in my experience, it’s always good to have a little extra then too little at all.

Join me next time when we have a creature feature! How to fill your world with flora and fauna that’s not only interesting, but believable! ~Havoc

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