Ouch, ow and owie

I don’t know how I’ve stayed on my feet the past few weeks, but if I make it through September, I can make it through anything.

I’ve done 2 over-nighters this last week. 1 for work. 1 for fun and getting lost. A tip from one with experience? Never, NEVER try and navigate South Carolina when you are on the other side of exhausted. Just a bad, bad idea.

I finally made it back out to work with Blind Man today. I’ll talk about it more tomorrow, but for now… There are some days when you just have to remember how much progress you actually HAVE made. The Man got his halter off last week, so almost an hour was spent bribing, chasing, and finally, sweet-talking the hell out of him. Let me tell you, being completely relaxed is a bloody hard task! He’s sensitive enough to pick up on the slightest tense.

Anyways, we took it a little easier with him today. ‘Easier’, however, left my already sore body with some more dents. The Ducati was a gentle mistress compared to the stallion.

Tally: strained wrists, knee, shoulder, back. Stomped foot that is now aching. Multiple body-slams. Shoulder wrenches.

Basically, he launches, and lord help me if being the 150 pound anchor of a 1000 pound animal isn’t a humbling feeling. Especially when said animal lands on your foot.

Oh well. Working with him is one of the most exhilarating feelings there is. Bar none.


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