In Rememberence…

I received a phone-call from one of my managers this morning, telling me that a coworker had decided to take his own life. While I was not particularly close to him, he was one of my trainees, back in the day, and a damned good guy.

He will be missed.

Death is never in short supply, so I also am taking the day to remember Tamara, Jane-e, Paul, and the family members I’ve lost over the years.

You are all missed.


4 Responses to “In Rememberence…”

  1. Ah, crap. I am sorry for your loss.

    That sucks.

    • Thank you. Tomorrow is going to be the hard day. We have a memorial for him in the afternoon, people coming in who haven’t worked there for a while.

      I’m strongly considering accepting a friend’s offer and taking Saturday off, going to the mountains for the day to clear my head.

  2. you are a kind and beautiful soul. you are so right, i was not close either and yet thought so highly of him. i wish i could have helped him with his pain……

    • He didn’t ask for our help, so there was nothing we could do. What matters now is how we deal with the aftermath. Still plenty of people having trouble coming to terms with it.

      But it never seems to matter that we couldn’t do something… Just feeling that we should have done something anyways.

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