New Story: Prometheus

Alright, time to see if I can write something that goes from Point A to Point B without having too much fun. Climb No Mountain and Sin and Salvation were fun to write, but certainly aren’t going to be bread-winners!

Truth is, the dragons are warriors and soldiers in this war too. Coming from every corner of the nine states, they’ve convened here in the city to set up plans for the coming campaign. They brought us, all us humans and elves and other beings that have hands and two legs and can use opposable thumbs, and formed us into a rag-tag army.

I wrote that a long, long time ago. I don’t even remember why. There was some prompt, I vaguely remember that. But it’s a concept that suddenly got some momentum today as I was brainstorming.

I like to keep my stories set in one world. When I wrote Red Sun, I put in creatures that were a mix of human and beast. I had a scene of these beasts in a battle against fighter-jets.

Well now, those creatures just begged for more use.

A fully organic hand struck the magic-and-technology-enhanced super-house and shattered. Frozen shards of flesh clattered on the concrete of the warehouse and the roar of an enraged beast filled the air. The super-house clambered to its feet, head rearing a hundred feet into the air. Lights flickered on in the surrounding apartments, crew-men flew pell-mell down the stairs.

“Down here! They’ve got Prometheus surrounded!” Shouts filled the air, weapons crackled to life.
The super-house, the red Prometheus, tossed his head and bellowed again, calling his crew. The intruders dropped their weapons and scampered towards the exit, leaving their fellow sprawled on the floor, flash-frozen.

Well, yeah. How about we do that? Prometheus is the pinnacle of the technology and the prototype of the magic available at that time. The super-houses are like flying carriers, able to haul immense loads of gear, supplies or troops. They are augmented with absolutely the best firepower. Technologically, they are unsurpassed, a perfect blend of organic mind and inorganic body.

But a good war-witch or wing-hunter can bring them down with the easiest of spells. Therefore, the six super-houses have to have their own witches to protect them. Prometheus doesn’t have his witch yet. Therefore, he is quite vulnerable, especially to the wing-hunters. A super-house is incredibly valuable, and worth any amount of time and trouble he might cause.

My goal with this story is to build another piece of the puzzle that will eventually be the Arms of War series. This occurs early on in that setting, when technology hadn’t started fading. Later, Prometheus would be meeting up with creatures smaller and more magically skilled, but far less technologically sound.

So, there we have it. The next story.


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