Patience? You expect PATIENCE?

So, up to this point, I’ve had stories staggered out enough that I got news on them pretty much every day. Yeah, rejections, but I’m actually enjoying personalized rejections. After all, it’s a damn good ego boost.

However… I let a couple of the stories sit for a while, and then sent them all out within a week of each other. Lucky me. Now I have 6 stories with no news. It’s nice to see ‘submitted to…’ on the Sonar chart, but I want ANSWERS dammit!

Never mind that no news is good news. Never mind that the longer they stay out, the better. I’m impatient.

So remind me why I chose writing and horse-training, of all things?

Patience isn’t just a virtue in those fields… It’s a goddamned requirement.

Yeah. Sure. I’ll get right on that.

In other news though… I got some mentions on Twitter yesterday that made me happy. Social networking is the future people. Sorry to break it to ya, but it’s here, and while it may change faces, it ain’t going anywhere.


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