Prometheus Teaser: Vritra’s Child

Gears and engines whined around him, screens shutting off. The drone remained on-screen, an eerie golden glow cast around the cabin. As they left the immature Organics behind, Janus saw one young male, larger than the others, raise his head to peer at the sky, his blue throat startling even in the washed-out light of the sun. Vritra’s child. His throat burned at the thought of that treacherous, beautiful serpent.

The tentatively-titled Prometheus is at 3300 words after the third day of writing. Not bad, if I may say so. HOWEVER… this promises to be a much longer story than the usual. And it is also very different from my usual short stories, and very much like my novels. A good thing I think.

Vritra’s child. Yes, I sense another story here.


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