Humor and Hope

Back in 2001, right after 9/11, my great-aunt called to say that my favorite cousin was joining the Army. Although I hadn’t (and still haven’t) seen him for over ten years, I have very fond memories of him and his sense of humor.

Well, let me tell you, that sense of humor just got better in the Army. Cousin Greg wrote regular letters home, some of which were published on the Identity Theory Blog.

It was by far the most educational day we’ve had so far, so the future holds some promise. I did, however, manage to trip going into a room and fall flat on my face. I would have had the Screw Up Of the DAY had it not been for another Private leaving his weapon on “fire” instead of “safe” while it was slung on his back in the chow line.

The Drill Sergeant who caught him broke a bottle of Heinz 57 on his helmet. At least people said that I looked stylish when I tripped because I kept my weapon pointed at the target even as I fell, but it’s hard to look good when you’re covered in steak sauce.~Drobny, Identity Theory

Now, I’ll just say that this is probably one of the funnier things he’s written about, and one of the most understated too. If you want the really funny, he’s got a blog over at Twisted Sense of Funny that is WELL worth the read. And the archive read. And then the check to see if maybe there are some blogs hidden away somewhere too.

It’s not all fun and games though. Our family is inclined to be pretty introspective, and to maybe think a little harder about life than we should. Occasionally, that pays off with something other than depression and a headache. His thoughts on America as a nation are quite thought-provoking and on the spot.

Instead, I would just like to share a few quick thoughts on our situation as a nation… We are a nation who is at war with its own ideals. We would like to have the freedom to choose, and have a law that keeps our neighbor from doing the same. What does all this mean? Does it mean that our country will self destruct? Or does it mean that we will wipe out all the evils of the world? Most likely neither, as is the case with most of these issues. As the saying goes, we “Can’t have our cake and eat it too.”~Drobny, Identity Theory

Now, after considerable urgin (read: nagging) from me and others, he’s decided to write these stories out and see about getting them published. Since I was the idiot who apparently yelled loudest about it, natural selection grabbed onto my ankle and I’m suddenly learning about the world of non-fiction.

Hmmm, yes, how does one write a proposal? Yes, my poor cousin is stuck with me as his assistant. He thought the Army was difficult… So anyways, I’ve been spending some time on the web looking for information on proposals and processes. Yikes. I’ll stick to fiction for myself I think, it’s WAY easier to query than propose!

I can’t wait though, honestly. I’m buying this book the day it comes out, and then I’m buying it for my friends for Christmas. This guy has the knack of humor with heart. That’s pretty damn rare.


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  1. His blog is hilarious! Thanks for sharing your story.

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