Lessons Learned Yesterday: Sugar Cookie Edition

Lesson: No matter what the recipe does or does not say, use parchment paper under your cookies.

Result of lesson: Sugar cookie crumbs will make a GREAT crumb pie topping.

Lesson #2: Sometimes, you really DON’T want to know what is in a cookie. Sugar cookies are a prime example.

Result of lesson: Make your own sugar cookie recipe for the holidays, ya lazy bum!

Lesson #3: Sugar melts. Butter melts. Sugar hardens when cool. Sugar burns easily. Butter burns easily. Therefore, cookies should NOT be left in the oven for as long as the recipe says.

Result of lesson: Glazed cookie sheets soaking in the sink for three days to remove brulee’d crust of cookie.

Yes, the sugar-cookie debacle is a prime example of my usual baking results. They turned out more like sugar candy than cookies, but that’s the recipe. Eating two cookies made my stomach hurt, and the rest are crumbs. Next time, I’ll take the basic idea and make my own recipe. It can’t be any worse after all…

To make up for that disappointment… There is a crockpot of tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil and marsala wine simmering downstairs, a prime component of the lasagna that will follow later!


3 Responses to “Lessons Learned Yesterday: Sugar Cookie Edition”

  1. My grandmother bakes the best sugar cookies for every occasion. They are perfectly done. I have the recipe somewhere….

  2. Jaym Gates Says:

    Are they soft or crispy? I have issues with crispy sugar cookies now. My arteries have issues with me, after seeing what went into them.

  3. Soft, very soft. Just perfect!
    And if I remember all it is is flour, sugar, butter, salt, hmmmmmm what else?

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