An Inherent Headache

Ay carumba I hate editing. With a burning, snarling passion. It’s one thing with a short story. Twenty edits on a short story is better than ten edits on a novel. But see, I’m a short-tempered perfectionist. I want to be perfect… right now.

Delusional what?

Add that impatience to the fact that Inherent is a strong, strong concept, and you can imagine how high my expectations for this story are. I’m working with pre-existing material too, or at least a lot of it is already in place.

And yet, I loathe this book and feel like I’m up against a blank wall. I zone out after a few pages. I still can’t figure out why one character is doing her particular thing.

This story was too ambitious for my skill level I think. Red Sun was a mess. I’m actually trashing and rewriting that novel. I don’t think that’s the right move for Inherent.

I wanted it done by Jan. 1. But, can I do that? I’ve been fiddling with it for two months now. I need to step back and gain perspective.

The real problems are Txikia and Sviera. Please, please, do yourself a favor and never try to write a truly mad character as a lead. No. Just…don’t. Sviera really doesn’t have reasons for half of what she does, and she’s moving farther into insanity with every expenditure of her power.

Txikia has her own plans, and her own revenge. She’s working towards a similar goal as Sviera, but from different motivations and at cross-purposes. She’s an anti-hero playing the villain.

The other problem? 110,000 and this book is rushed. Badly. So I have two options.

Plan A: Break apart Logrozana, Abadinur and Kadaraita into separate books to make a trilogy. Abadinur, at just shy of 50,000 words could easily benefit from another 30,000 words. Logrozana and Kadaraita could also be at least doubled.

But trilogies and not only cliche, they are hard to sell. So I’d need to try and lead off with something else to find an agent.

Plan B: Take 1 week to rip through the book, deleting right and left. 3 weeks at 8000 words a day, pounding out a plot change, expanding, editing. STILL have a finished rough by the end of December, and hopefully, both the pressure and the clear eye I need. I’ll probably do that anyways, although December is a terrible month to do that in.

At the moment, I quite honestly hate writing as a business. I love it as a hobby, but I’m going to try and take the rest of October and the first half of November to write what I want, research, read, take a breather, because I’m burned out at the moment. And I have other things crowding my mind and making writing share too little space.



4 Responses to “An Inherent Headache”

  1. Dearest,

    Take a long deep breath and put that manuscript aside. If it drives you this crazy then set it down. You are definitely in for some major problems if you keep this up. (Think white room and straight jacket here love.)

    The story will keep. It will wait your return with a fresh out look. I do not think you want to start slashing and hacking at any of it yet. You have fretted over it for too long.

    I do think that perhaps a prequel for those 3 stories would be a good idea. Perhaps some more history into this world of mad goddesses, dragons, and magic. Yes I think that would be a very good idea.

  2. Jaym Gates Says:




    Why meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

  3. Because Dearest, you have a wonderful talent, a bright mind, and ambition. You will be successful in this field by plain old fashioned persistence.

    Big Hugs Sweetie. Now lock Inherent up in the safe and give someone else the password.

  4. Jaym Gates Says:

    Heh. It IS the family joke that I could could knock down the Great Wall, just by beating my head against it… I’m not sure if that’s a good thing though!

    I already dumped Inherent in a folder and forgot where the folder was. I don’t need to hide the password, my brain likes to play hide-and-seek-and-don’t-find with me.

    *hugs* Thanks darling.

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