What’s Up, Doc?

Ahhh, the pleasures of sleeping in. Late start to the morning, but hey. I needed it.

Anyways, here’s what I’ve got on my plate coming up. (Judging by my difficulty typing right now, I should probably add “typing classes” to my list.)


Travel. I’m supposed to go to CA for Thanksgiving, and Denver, Colorado, for New Year’s. My grandparents should be coming out here for Christmas, which means I have to find a Christmas tree…and yank all masks, ‘occult’ books, alcohol and reference charts so that their delicate sensibilities aren’t offended. What constitutes ‘occult’? American Indian Myths and Legends, the yin-yang panel I did for my mother’s wall, a symbol of power I created for Shadow and Soul. No. Really. This is also the first time they know about the tattoos. Oh yay.

Work and Volunteering. I’ve submitted my paperwork to volunteer with the Charlotte Police Department. Judging from the statements made by the wonderful volunteer coordinator, I see another newsletter in my future. On the upside, working on that means volunteering in the comfort of slippers. Now THAT, I can get behind.

But mostly, I’ll be working with Animal Control. I’ve already asked to be told if they have horses coming in, and otherwise, I’ll probably be doing mostly public events, writing flyers or hand-outs, etc. Anything that builds my writing resume is GREAT.

Work is picking up too, so I fully expect to be back to my 40+ hours a week schedule. Glory be. No more money worries. HA!

Writing. Since hiding Inherent from myself, I’m a little adrift right now. However, Nov/Dec are perfect plotting months, because I can’t actually maintain a writing schedule. I’ve already pulled a possible concept. It will be set a little before Inherent, and farther to the East in that world.

I’ll also be continuing to write the Hell pieces. On Aralu’s Breast is completed, Rattling House is in progress, so I have 11 more to write. That should be my short stories for the winter! But, if anyone knows of a really cool Hell/Underworld, let me know!

For Fantasy Magazine, I have two articles that need to be written, and two that need to be updated/checked on. The big project is writing a piece on genre-specific charities/activism groups. My focus will be on the Kids Need to Read charity and Outer Alliance, an activism group started by Natania Barron. I’ll also be pitching an article on LGBTQ representation/issues in the Fantasy and Science Fiction genres.

Three reviews put together for them though: Guillermo Bosch’s Rain, Rogue Blade Press’s Rage of the Behemoth, and the web-comic Gunnerkrigg Court.

With The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus and Sherlock Holmes coming out soon-ish, I will try to do something on them too. Already have some ideas for the Sherlock Holmes stuff, but I have to get those plotted out. I’d also like to find a copy of Besauro to watch and review.

For here, there’s a lot of organizing I need to do. I got lazy about tagging posts, and putting them in categories. I also need to get some serious writing discussions/thoughts up here. I’ve been rambling an AWFUL lot lately…

Forum. Fifthwind Forums will soon be subject to a fit of cleaning. Members who have never posted will be deleted after warnings. I’ll also be updating links, starting new topics, etc. I’ll also try to set up more blogs here that I can just schedule so that I’m more consistent about updating.

Other. Blind Man’s training has been sidelined for a strained back (Monica), a broken-down truck (me), a slipped halter (him), and rain (weather gods, I’m lookin’ at you here…). So, hopefully I can make it out there tomorrow.

Next week is my birthday, and I plan to continue a grand tradition of doing NOTHING. I will, however, do some dressing up for Halloween, since I have to work that night. The birthday treat is a nice trip to the dirt track for World of Outlaws World Finals. 360 Sprints, stock cars, etc.

Hopefully, I’ll also finish the outline of my tattoo this year. Money-dependent for that though… I’m working on painting some wooden panels for my mother’s room, two side-panels with I-Ching and symbols of balance, and a center panel with lotus and chrysanthemum (hey, I spelled that right without checking!). So far, the yin-yang turned out lovely!

And my biggest goal? Not getting sick again. Yes. I’ve had my crud for the year. Actually, given my suffering before Dragon*Con, I’ve had my crud for at least 3 years. Aaaand, there you have it folks. I’m going to be a busy little cookie, aren’t I?

Yes. I like being busy. Yay!


2 Responses to “What’s Up, Doc?”

  1. Just please, please, remember to have some down time in all of that lovely.


    The Forum Mom


    • Jaym Gates Says:

      *shifty eyes* Sleeping is down time right? And traveling? And driving to work?

      *meekly hugs Shadow* Please don’t make me go without dinner…

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