Why no sir, I didn’t place an ad…

A couple of years ago, I had a really stressful day. My cat was dying, so I went into work late, being in no mood to exude ‘customer service’. And then I got a call.

An unknown number, a male voice, a noisy background. I almost hung up, but I’d been expecting a call (can’t remember WHAT call…) and so I stayed on the line until he went outside where it was quiet. And then he said “I’m calling about your personal ad in (such and such newspaper).”

I’ve never placed a personal ad in my life. And I’d never, EVER post my cell phone number, or my real name, even if I did.

Apparently, it was a rather adult personal ad. When I told him I had not placed any such ad, he told me my name again…and my cell phone number.

I said I still didn’t know anything about it. He went quiet for a moment, and his voice was completely different when he talked again. Very quiet, almost a little bit sympathetic.

“Then somebody really hates you.”

And he hung up.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more shaken up. I don’t post my cell number. I don’t let it out on the internet, I only give it to people I know well. I am very careful who I add on Facebook.

I never did figure out what happened. Sure, it could have been a wrong number. But a wrong number and the right name sounds like a little too much coincidence to me.

One top of that, a friend’s girlfriend received a phone call one evening from a very gravelly voice and an odd phone-number. He made threats. My friend asked me to walk his girlfriend to her car at nights and just keep an eye on her. Nothing more happened.

Another coworker received about a dozen threatening messages from a computer-generated-sounding voice. Death threats. By that point, since all the events were around the same time and the same work-place, we chalked it up to an unfunny practical joke, or a disgruntled ex-employee.

Last night, someone called my work and asked if I was at work. Ok, a coworker maybe, right? They also asked what time we closed. Not a coworker. When asked if he wanted to talk to me, he hung up without a word. A friend? Only one friend meets all the criteria of knowing the nickname I use at work, WHERE I work, and doesn’t know what time we close. He said he never called.

I spent the entire evening looking over my shoulder. We had a robbery at gunpoint, in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, last week. We have people who occasionally lurk around the store. I’ve always been careful, always watch my back.

It wasn’t just phone calls last year. It was a $4000 dollar charge on my credit card that I didn’t make. It was an absolutely nerve-wracking premonition, and little things that didn’t add up. And when my premonition tells me something, I’m learning to listen.

I’ve had stalkers before. I had a 50-ish year old married guy come into my CA store a couple of times a week. He went out of his way to interact with me, to keep asking me out. Two ‘friends’ turned into psychotically possessive people because they wanted something from the relationship that I wouldn’t give. There’s a reason I go by as many as six different names and online handles, and don’t let them interact.

So who called me last night? I don’t know, but I don’t think I’ve ever been as amused to see just how protective my friends are. So far, if this anonymous caller means anything bad, he’s got plenty of people to go through. Navy, Army, Special Forces, my coworkers (and I work with some BIG guys!), a couple of guys who just might be the meanest fighters I’ve come across, and some lovely women who would be happy to destroy first and ask questions later. Plus, hell. Half of my customers love the hell out of me and would be happy to take anyone to task. Most of the above-mentioned people have already asked if I needed them to kick someone’s ass.

Yeah, I feel safe.

It’s good to be loved, and it’s good to keep your name, phone-number, credit card info and address off the internet.

It’s a dangerous world out there kids, and I seem to keep getting reminders of the psychotic jokers in it.


7 Responses to “Why no sir, I didn’t place an ad…”

  1. Hi 🙂
    Those are some seriously creepy disturbing stories.
    I’m glad you are taking precautions and have great people watching out for you.
    Love & Best Wishes to you & yours,

  2. Okay sis that is scary. Be safe and let others know where you are at all times!

  3. Don’t feel safe. BE safe.

  4. Jaym Gates Says:

    I am safe. Hell, there’s a reason guys ask me to watch out for their girlfriends. I can handle myself.

    Thanks for the good wishes guys.

  5. Please add me to your list of people willing to kill anyone who tries to harm you. I’ll do it remotely.

  6. Jaym Gates Says:

    Mmmm, thank you darlin. Do I get to watch?

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