Sugar-Addled 6-Year-Old Boys

Some people recently moved out of my coworker’s neighborhood. They took the couch, the bed, the dishes, and presumably, the food.

However, they forgot something. The dog. A big, sweet, 4 year-old German Shepherd. And, if abandoning him wasn’t enough, they left him chained up in their back yard.

What the fucking hell is wrong with people?

Anyways, a neighborhood couple took him in, but can’t keep him. Since I’ve had Shepherds, we’re going to look at taking him in, at least foster him. I don’t know if we’ll keep him at this point, but he’ll at least be safe and happy for now.

Ok. On to other things.

The Big Blind Man. It’s been a month or so since I went out to help M. Last time I was there, it was hot and muggy. Now, it’s cool, brisk and the season is changing. Oh yay. PB020507

Yeah…that’s about as still as he stood all evening. See, there’s this thing with autumn weather: it makes horses all prancy. Take the calmest horse out on a wintry morning, and chances are, it’s going to be a workout. And when that horse is a 6 year-old stallion who has lots of energy to begin with… We were trying to figure out whether her very energetic son or the horse had more energy tonight. Came out as…a draw. PB020503

It didn’t help that I can only make it out there about an hour before dark, and, with the recent rain, we were slogging a bit. However, even with his current attention deficit disorder, he stood tied nicely to the trailer…flipping his hope, smacking his head against the trailer, swinging side-to-side. But hey, remember my first post about him? When he wouldn’t even go near the trailer? Heh. PB020505

Our sum total of progress for the day: took him out of the pasture. Ran him in circles until we were both so dizzy we had to switch out so we didn’t fall over. Tied him to the trailer. Fed him apples. Ran him in more circles. Brushed a bit of dirt out. Waved a blanket at him. And watched the handsome boy pose for the camera. PB020504

Yeah, the big, bad, gentle stallion got the full-moon jitters today.

We still love him. PB020509


5 Responses to “Sugar-Addled 6-Year-Old Boys”

  1. love this and the halloween blog. how come i never take the time to read these things???? my loss! love you! j

  2. Jaym Gates Says:

    *grin* See! I DO occasionally put up things worth reading! Love you too!

  3. *pouts* I want to play with the pretty horses.

  4. He is a pretty boy! I see the Arab in him too when he looks at the camera. Dang, wish I could help you with him. I could at least run him around in circles for a bit as you recovered! 🙂

  5. Jaym Gates Says:

    He definitely shows off! It seems like Arabs/Arab crosses have that vanity of posing quite frequently, and he certainly has that. He’s always striking a pose, fluttering his nostrils, prancing…of course, being a stallion contributes to the showing off too!

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