Third Time’s a Charm?

I know, I know. I’ve said about ten other projects I was getting started on. But I’ve been in a funk, and none of them clicked.

So, after a fruitless day with absolutely no writing done, I turned on the Industrial music and sat down late at night.

Within 40 minutes, I had 1500 words of the nastiest story I’ve ever written. Human monsters based on folklore monsters. Sin and purity.

My goal is a completed rough draft by Jan. 1. Since this is horror, I think I can keep it shorter. So the target is a 60,000 rough draft, which I can reach by hitting 1400 words a day. Which means sticking to my goals.

I’m obsessed with this story. Don’t let me slack off!


2 Responses to “Third Time’s a Charm?”

  1. Nameless One Says:

    Hey Morn, any tidbits you can give to entice? Also, I’m ready to review your other works whenever your ready to send them.

  2. Jaym Gates Says:

    YAY! I’ll send you tidbits later. The post immediately preceding this one is from the Nightmare project.

    I’m glad you are back among the reading, my friend!

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