An Outer Alliance Article

A while back, I pitched the idea to one of Fantasy Magazine’s editors that, as a magazine that actively seeks minority points of view and fair representation in fiction, we should run an article on Outer Alliance.

For those of you who haven’t checked it out, it’s a group started by Natania Barron and Brandon Bell. Focusing on advocating LGBTQ issues in literature, it is a steadily-growing group of F/SF authors and fans who believe that gay rights and acceptance reach into more than marriage and the mundane world.

2009 has not only been a tumultuous year for anyone in the LGBTQ community, but in the genre community as well. There have been several debates over the prejudice towards white male authors, flaming attacks on rights from well-known authors, and even prejudice against advertisements. This is perfect timing for an organization to bring some focus on an issue that hasn’t had so much attention paid to it recently.

However, I want to show, in my article, why we need something like Outer Alliance in the first place. As such, I’ve put out an invitation on Twitter for anyone who would like to help me out.

Here’s the deal: If you have had experience with some form of prejudice, whether or not you were the party involved, regarding genre fiction and LGBTQ issues, I’d like to hear stories.

If you have links to examples of good OR bad responses to prejudice, queer fiction or queer authors/fans, send ’em away.

What I’m not looking for is ‘we need to do this’, slander, flaming or soapboxes. This is a feature on an organization that is trying to root out prejudice, not an article lambasting or villainizing a group of people.

I also can’t promise that I’ll use everything you send me. But if it is thought-provoking, relevant or really unique, I may want to quote you!

Thanks everyone. This is a project I’m really, really looking forward to!


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