Monsters: Blurrymen

In lieu of an excerpt, I’ll give a monster-teaser!

Haven has hundreds of monsters. They are there to show the wages of sin, to remind the people how lucky they are, do the unsavory work that no human should have to do, etc etc etc.

Problem is, most of them were human at some point or other. The Goddess-Queen kind of forgot to tell her people about the shamans and sorcerers she’s brought from the north, and so there are all kinds of things no one tells you tourists about the monsters of Haven.

Of these secrets, the Blurrymen are the best-kept. While the Watchers keep an overt eye on everything and act as confessionals and wardens, the Blurrymen are the ones who really make sure no one sins.

Their origins are a little obscure, but ‘modern’ creation involved literally removing the soul from the body. The body is discarded, the soul is given a kind of ‘housing’, its matter formed into huge eyes and a long tongue mostly, and once it is solid enough to stay, it’s stuck back into a body–not always its original one–and tucked into an unsuspecting village.

Typically, Blurrymen are just like any other human–on the outside. They look and talk and act like humans, but a witch or seer can see through the skin. Mask can see the Blurrymen, because they mask themselves. In their unbodied form, she’s blind to them.

Blurrymen are nasty little things. They like to eat eyes. The best way to tell if you have a Blurryman around is if there’s no rat problem, but no cats either. The other sign is finding a pile of eyeless rat bodies, although most Blurrymen are good at hiding or destroying the bodies.

The worst aspect of the Blurrymen is their ability to fracture and divide a community. When anyone could be a Blurryman, there’s no trust. It’s usually men, although the occasional woman has been used. Women are in special danger as Blurrymen though, because they can’t conceive. Barren women are usually singled out and forced into a sin that will get them killed or broken, just to be safe.

Male Blurrymen are fine, because their bodies are usually capable of breeding still. If not, Breeders will do the task for them.

Nasty little buggers. Make sure you don’t invite them to the Christmas party, or you might not only lose your cat, but be reported for kissing your wife without permission.


4 Responses to “Monsters: Blurrymen”

  1. Kissing your wife without permission?

  2. Yes that is odd

  3. Jaym Gates Says:

    Mwahaha. To be explained later.

    Remember, this is an exaggerated moralistic society. Things are a little…odd.

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