“Hey, thanks for the coffee.” Kris plunked down in the red chair and tried to blow patterns in the steam.
“Did it cling to the pot as you poured it?”
He stopped and looked at her. “No?”
“Did it yell obscenities at you?”
“Um, no.”
“Did it try and rip off your tongue?”
“It’s hot enough to.”
“Not the point. Look into the depths of your cup.”
Kris looked. He frowned. “Huh?”
“Are there strange and eldritch stirrings in the primordial muck of that which shall later be known as coffee?”
Kris sighed and shook his head. “You’re insane.”
She just shrugged and he took a hearty swallow of coffee.
A few seconds later, as he lay on the floor, wrestling with the Coffee Demons, she shrugged again. “Must not have cooled enough.”
Kris’s inarticulate scream of rage almost made her smile. But she hadn’t had her coffee yet, so she got up and poured a cup for herself. The coffee wailed as she filled her cup. Little hands reached for her nose and mouth, pulling her towards the coffee. Strange things stirred beneath the rippling, soupy surface.
“Oh shove off,” she said. “I paid good money for you. Now shut up or I’ll show you hell.”
The coffee abruptly subsided into the cup and she took a long, slow sip.
“Ahhhh, now that is good coffee.”


7 Responses to “Coffee?”

  1. Hehe, I like this one. It reminds me of the Faustian bargain I want to write. To be titled “A Deal the Devil Would Lose”. It involves writing, not coffee.

  2. Jaym Gates Says:

    Writing and coffee are inseparable darling…But does NaNo play into the ‘deal the devil would lose’? Because I’d even lose that one.

  3. vilegrimoire Says:

    Now that sounds like a good way to wake up after not sleeping for too long. Where could I get some?

  4. Jaym Gates Says:

    Apparently, a friend of a friend actually brews solid coffee. I’ll see if I can hook you up!

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