Excerpt: Nightmare: 11/17

If Silk had been docile and weak when he returned, he must have given his strength to Fury. The men of the band brought her out in chains, the same chains used to fell Behemoths. The links slapped her legs with bruises as she fought against them, blood dripped from her mouth where she sawed her mouth against the bridle-gag. She was naked and covered with her own blood from the wounds of Change.

“Bring the sacrifices and follow,” said the old woman, following the men as they led Fury up the mountain.

This time, it was Fury who was tethered and the men turned in with her, loose, as the women raised a barrier around the circle. This time, it was physical, a wall of wind and song.

The chains fell away from all but Fury’s neck, and she crouched there in the links and watched the men warily. “Kill her,” said the old woman to the men, “and you will go free.”

They laughed and lunged at her.

She laughed too.


2 Responses to “Excerpt: Nightmare: 11/17”

  1. Yes, this is a rather disturbing tail. I can’t wait to read it in it’s entirety.

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