Nightmare Excerpt: 11/21

“Welcome to the Free Army,” said Dream softly. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

“How are they doing?”

“There have been clashes between the Remnants and the Restless, but so far, we’ve managed to control the chaos.”

“Lots of Remnants?”

Dream nodded.

“Do we have the power to run all of them?”

“Mask visited the Sky People last month, brought six more shamans with her. They are exhausting
themselves, but our Remnants are running fine.”

Dream grinned suddenly. “We have two Behemoth Remnants. Our Bloody Bones got ahold of them, and they didn’t know what had hit them.”

“Show me!”

Like two little boys with candy, they trotted through the camp to the holding pens, where the Remnants were kept until they were trustworthy. The haul had been impressive, half a dozen Bloody Bones guarded three chained Memories, several new Bloody Bones, a Greenteeth Hag, and there, at the back, two sprawled Behemoths.

The guards clicked and clattered, picking open the gates with clever-quick fingers, letting Chance and Dream enter. The Remnants, mindless and drugged, barely moved.

Chance leaned over the smaller Behemoth, his nose wrinkling at the smell of so much unwashed flesh. Muscle, armor and bone twisted around what had once been a man’s body. Ten men had been dismantled to make each Behemoth, and this one still retained two heads. Stumps showed where two more had been, and where the beast had lost arms and legs.

“It’s old,” said Dream. “Probably cast out because it wasn’t useful anymore.”

Chance nodded. “Still dangerous.”

The second Behemoth was young, thick-bodied. It only had three heads, two on its shoulders and another on its back. Seven arms and four legs, quadruple-jointed fingers.

“This is the worst one I’ve seen,” said Dream. “There’s no attempt at normality whatsoever. Its completely insane, although the older one seems to have some control of it.”

Chance wondered who the unlucky men had been. He touched the beast’s shoulders and felt the slumbering power of the thing.”

“I want these two rehabilitated and guarding Mask,” he said.

“Gladly.” Dream called in the Bloody Bones, who levered the Behemoths onto sledges and hooked the sledges to the roan mules.


One Response to “Nightmare Excerpt: 11/21”

  1. Mike Griffiths Says:

    Nice teaser.

    Not completely sure of the what is going on, but I can say it makes me curious to read the whole thing.

    Mike Griffiths

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