November Music Round-Up

Yes, the monthly round-up of the music Jaym listens to. Yay.

Angelspit has been on almost constant play. Hard, sharp-edged, unrelenting, it still has a lot of musical talent. Wreak Havoc is my new theme song!

The lyrics of IAMX are perfect for singing along to. The results of head-phone-‘aided’ singing should probably not be discussed. But Corner’s voice is beautiful, and the lyrics are catchy.

I’ll never forgive myself for missing the Faith and the Muse show at Dragon*Con. Ok, so I was exhausted in every way from being sick. But, still. This band does hard rock and ballads with equal grace.

I’ve mentioned Bella Morte before, but I’ve had a combination of Bella Morte, Angelspit and Faith and the Muse on constant rotation for the better part of the month. I owe my latest novel-length project to this music. And Gray Skies Black has quite a bit of meaning to me. Besides, singer Andy Deane’s voice is powerful, and I’m a sucker for an amazing voice. Let’s just say I’d marry the voice if I could. (Everything surrounding the voice is negotiable…)

Asp has proven incredibly difficult to track down. However, as mentioned before, I don’t think there’s a German band that I’ve heard and disliked. Asp promises to keep that trend going. In fact, the promise is there of a new favorite.

I’ve listened to remixes of, and by, the German band Blutengel for a while now, and finally got a bit of their music. I do like them, but haven’t had the chance to develop favorites yet.

Miss Kittin and the Hacker are a little more gentle than I tend towards during the winter, but they should be great for the summer. Catchy music, singable lyrics, and holy hell this band is beautiful.

Collide is eerie, beautiful and memorable. I love writing to their music, and it’s downright sexy.

Electropop band Essence of Mind is new and worth grabbing now! They’re going to make some noise in the European scene I think! Listen to Nightmare and see if you can actually get it out of your head!

I don’t actually try to only like European bands, but the American bands I like are the exception to the rule, and then bands like Exploding Boy remind me why I love the Europeans. London is simply beautiful, bringing the poetic, melodic richness that American music so often seems to lack.

Femme Fatality is a catchy, debauched electro band that I dearly love. Maybe there is something to this thing called America…

And speaking of America, go check out Ego Likeness. While you’re at it, follow both Ego Likeness and Bella Morte on Twitter. For Ego Likeness’s opinion of Route 10, I will forever honor and respect them.

And that’s it for this month kids. Enjoy!


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