Nightmare Excerpt: 12/3

Another look at the rough draft. This time, a ceremony near the end of the story, where Fury and Death gain some new talents.


Mask and Dream stepped forward, the locked box bound with iron and silver between them. They set it between Death and Fury. Mask stood at the head of the Alter. Dream took his place at the foot.
Slave-priests brought them the gloves and masks, anointed them with cedar oil and tied blindfolds over their eyes, and over the eyes of the band as well.

“To this task we command you,” chanted Dream, “to this offering we summon you. Make them clean, make them holy. Their blood is your life, and in drinking of them, they will devour you.”

He unlocked the first band of the box.

“Drink them deep, the blood and lust of battle-fury, of revenge, of justice and the double-edged sword of protection. Give your soul to them, your power and potency, become them as they become you.”

Mask unlocked the second band. Dream reached out his hand, and took hers. They placed their joined hands on the chest and chanted together.

“Blood of purity,” and the virgins of the band, three women sworn, stepped forward and slit their wrists above the chest, drizzling Death and Fury.

“Tears of sorrow,” and the Daughters of Iniquity stepped forward with glass vials and smashed them on the chest, and on the foreheads of the sacrifices.

“Steel of honor,” and the warriors stepped forward, each with a sliver of steel from their sword, and drove them into the torsos.

“You will not be ascendant. In this sacrifice, you will cease to be. You will be them, they will be what they have always been, and what they will always be. Immortal, unceasing, unchanging. Neither sword nor bow shall harm them. Poison will run in their veins and venom from their lips. Let their kisses be deadly, and their embrace eternal.”

Mask clenched Dream’s hand, and they pressed against the final lock as the shamans raised a barrier around the Alter.


2 Responses to “Nightmare Excerpt: 12/3”

  1. Yes, sweetheart, that is disturbing.

  2. lol Disturbing and delightful 😀

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