Black Oaks dressed all in their Autumn finery.

Undersea? The weird, surreal shapes of Manzanita bushes.

Ancient barn, valley, and Ponderosa pines.

The terrier, who does not count as more than 1/4 of a dog.

Early Moonrise

Doc! trouble at all!

Autumn Colors

Local color at its best, all from our bushes and plants.

Apple Hill

Country-bred Paint-horse butt vs...

...vs 20 gage needle. Final score: needle loses.

Huckleberries, winter-sweet apples, rose-hips, comfrey, chai!

Late-season green figs, turning to sugary alcohol on the branches.

The left/lower saddle is the one my great-grandfather roped his cattle with.

The spooky old Greenman tree in his stone circle.


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