Links, links, links!

After getting involved in a discussion with Paul Jessup this morning, about urban fantasy vs. paranormal romance, this post by Lilith SaintCrow was a lovely read. She explains the core concepts of UF and PR, and why UF is actually rather ground-breaking.

Fantasy Magazine has a couple of job openings.

I want a Dragon Moray Eel. Weird, but those look quite striking!

Cat Rambo, editor of Fantasy Magazine, talks about where to find markets for your fiction.

I really, truly did have to Google this, because I forgot to save the link last night. Jeff VanderMeer, Natania Barron and Mur Lafferty are doing a reading in Chapel Hill tomorrow night, and I get to go! Yippee, and thank the gods for friends who worked with me so I could have a free evening.

Whale skeletons in the desert? Yes please, I’d like to write a story about that! Plus, the article is a fun read!


One Response to “Links, links, links!”

  1. UF… hahaha it has been around for a bit. One of the first to try it was Mercedes Lackey in the early 80’s. I think she was a bit before her time, and they did not sell well. The book stores are definitely crammed with titles and I have read a few. Some are okay and others.. blech. I do agree with her point. The draw of the read is the kick ass chick. Leather or no, but she has to be a tough as nails kind of gal in order to pull it off. 😉

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