Banjo the Beagle

Beagles have been running down on their luck recently, or so it seems. Last week, my boss found an older female in the road, shaking and thin. He took her home, but now he has to find a home for her. (Since the German Shepherd found a home, we’ll possibly take the Beagle, if no one else does.)

Tonight, a friend of mine was out in the parking lot, and a guy came to ask if my friend wanted a Beagle. My friend said he didn’t have the money. The guy said he was giving the Beagle, and 8 month old puppy, away because his new apartment wouldn’t allow animals.

The guy brought the puppy back after we closed. I left over an hour later. My friend was leading the puppy across the parking lot, a lot of leash between them. Apparently the puppy had gotten away and made a mad dash for freedom. An hour of chasing later, the puppy was cornered and retrieved.

But Banjo wasn’t real keen on humans. He shied away every time Mat put his hand out, and the distrust in his eyes was just heart-breaking from such a young boy. Sitting on the curb, I held the leash while Mat went to get food, and Banjo started circling closer.

Five minutes later, Banjo was leaning against my legs while I scratched his ears. Mat sat down next to me, and it was adorable to see an 19 year old boy earning the trust of a scared puppy. The kid has a great heart, and before long, Banjo was basking in the joy of having two people petting him. He’d definitely been abused by a man though, he acted like a dog that’s been kicked.

Mat finally took the leash and headed for his car. Banjo sat on my feet and looked at Mat. “He likes you!” said Mat, and immediately made me feel incredibly guilty! When I stood up and headed for the car, Banjo trotted right along behind. He balked at the car though, and looked like he might bite, which apparently he had tried to do earlier. So Mat held the door open and I hauled Banjo into my arms, where he cuddled right in. Silky, silky puppy ears!!! I’ve NEVER had a dog I could pick up. All my dogs have been over 90 lbs. Puppies are fun to cuddle.

Safely perched on the front seat, complete with muddy paws, Banjo started looking around and wagging his tail at Mat.

Banjo got lucky. Mat’s a southern boy. Banjo’s going to be a hunting dog. He’ll have a job, lots of exercise and play, and a new owner who will love him every day for the rest of his life. He’ll have a warm bed, and he’ll not have to worry about where his next meal is coming from.

Not all dogs are so lucky. The shelters and rescues are full to the brim. Too many people buy a puppy, only to find that it’s a lot more work than they thought, or their circumstances change.

All of my cats and horses have been rescues, as have several of my dogs. Sure, a lot of them have genuine, deep issues. Cyri, the massive male Rottweiler, started screaming when the leash got caught around his leg. Romeo, my beautiful Morab colt, came out of the trailer like a 4-month old hellion, kicking and biting. Big Man was blinded, starved, neglected. All of them turned into wonderful creatures.

All they needed was love, and a lucky day.


3 Responses to “Banjo the Beagle”

  1. My kitty was a runt from the neighbors (>.< Who don't spay or neuter their cats and have many more than is healthy). If we ever get another cat, I'm sure it'll also be a rescue. I'm glad Banjo had a happy ending!

  2. Most of our rescues where animals that were dropped off at my parent’s farm. Just because someone has a farm does not mean they want more animals. At one time we had 12 dogs some of them more feral than friendly and not a good thing around cattle. Though some of those dogs were the best we have ever had, including a 3 legged wirehair, an oddly mixed mutt that was naturally phenomenal with herding and a malimute who was simply the BEST trained dog ever!

    It’s not so difficult to get your pet neutered, and think carefully before you get a pet. They are a lot of responsibility, but if you live up to your part of the bargain they make your world so much better.

  3. Jaym Gates Says:

    My friends Jamie and Monica (Big Man’s owners) have the same problem. Because of all of their animals, people just toss animals out at their doorstep. I’ve heard about farmers having the same problem too. Yes, most of the animals are totally unsuited for farm life!

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