December Links

No new music this month, sadly. In lieu of that…writer’s links! Also in lieu of New Year’s resolutions. And year-end retrospectives. And everything else.

Have a reading to do? Here are 9 Tips for Successful Author Readings.

There’s more livable room on this planet than you might think. Never heard of the Goldilocks Zone? Now you have.

Baen Books is running a contest. Write a short SF story, be judged by the Baen team, maybe get paid and published!

The Top 13 Cult Movies of the Decade, aka, sex, gore, horror. I added several of these to my lists for 2010.

Coilhouse Magazine found 1986 Soviet Steampunk!

Agent Katie Grimm talks about what she wants to see, and why she accepts short-story submissions.

i09 brings you their 20 Best Science-Fiction Books of the Decade.

Rachel Swirsky shares how she chooses where to submit writing. (Originally attributed to Jeff. My bad!)

A controversial post on why bad credits won’t help you get published, also by Rachel Swirsky.

And, finally, the talented Cat Rambo weighs in on the Black Matrix furor, and how to find markets, over at her blog.


2 Responses to “December Links”

  1. Rachel Swirsky Says:

    The “submit work” post is by me, too, not by Jeff.

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