Nightmare: Back in the Traces

Wasn’t my goal to be finished with the rough draft of Nightmare by Jan. 1? Yeah, that didn’t happen. The holidays got me WAY behind this year. Oh well, I’m back at it now.

Tomorrow should hit the 40,000 range. Since I finally feel clear-headed again, and creative, I’m going to try to get the next 40,000-ish by Feb. 1. Revisions in February, mail to beta readers on March 1, start a new project on March 1 as I work on the final edits of Nightmare. Submit to agents and small presses on April 1. A short timetable, but I’ve got to start working faster and staying more focused.

It really doesn’t look like I’ll be able to move–yes, yet again, no money!–so I’m going to really hunker down and haul ass on this year. This is MY year, thank you very much.

I’ve certainly committed to enough for the year. Want a sample?

I just committed to a monthly blog for Abyss & Apex magazine. I’m a slush reader for Crossed Genres: Little Death. I’m still a quasi-intern with Fantasy Magazine, and report on the conventions I attend, as well as writing and doing whatever they want. I’m working with Crossed Genres, GUD, Outer Alliance and M-Brane people on a top-secret special project. I have my daily blog. Admin for Fifthwind Forums. Back to school this summer. Three conventions to attend this year. Will have to travel to CA, at least once, possibly Charleston (I hear there’s something called ‘vacation’. Weird, right?) and DC. My own novels and short stories. I should be starting up a page at the, focusing on local venues and bands and such. Oh yeah, and word is, I’m going to give this dating thing a try.

And, thankfully, I still have a day job to keep up with!

So, yes. Help me keep focused. Crack the whip. Beat me into doing what I’m supposed to be doing!

Happy New Year ya’ll. This isn’t just MY year. It’s YOUR year too, remember?


One Response to “Nightmare: Back in the Traces”

  1. All that and you still write faster than me. You’re an inspiration to us all (and me in particular).

    Tell me when you’re going to DC. That’s only an hour and a half from where I live.

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