Computer Woes

Sorry for my extended absence. Between a couple of unpleasant incidences online, and a computer that doesn’t want to work, and volunteer work, and holidays, and…

Oh, yeah, hi.

Anyways, I’ve been pretty sporadic here. Hell, my entire schedule is sporadic. Not nearly enough getting done. So, a quick update, and then we’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming.

1.) The computer issue: I have a Dell Studio, about a year old. About two months ago, it started making clicking noises. Not too bad, but it got worse, and started freezing my computer. Mostly internet at first, then everything. I’ve got Vista on here, so I’m used to crashes.

Finally got so bad that I called Geek Squad. 3-5 weeks to repair, could be up to 300 bucks. Screw that! Found a local repair shop specializing in Dells, took it in, told the guy what was wrong. Five days later, the forum was imploding, I had deadlines, and I got my computer back, only to find out that the exact same thing was happening.

It makes the internet almost impossible to use. So, I called the shop this morning. Got the female partner. Told her the problem. She knew EXACTLY what was wrong! She has a Dell Studio too, and it did the same thing! Apparently, the guy just wrote down that it was probably a hard-drive problem. When they couldn’t find anything there, they cleaned everything up and sent it home.

But, according to my angel of fixing, this is a unique Studio 1500 problem. More specifically, a problem exacerbated by Vista. Basically, the DVD drive thinks it has a dvd in it. So it sits there, trying to process it, taking up power and freezing things. It’s not so bad with Windows 7, because of being a generally better operating system.

Um, I told them I thought it was a DVD problem from the START. *sigh* Of course, no one believed me. Anyways, the theoretical fix is to slap a dvd in there so it has something to play with. And upgrading to Windows 7. As soon as January is in the past, and the Aether Age story is turned in, I’ll have Windows 7 uploaded! Although…STRONGLY considering just having him throw Linux in there instead. I’m tired of Windows crap. Vista is an embarrassment, and should be refunded.

In the meantime, I’ll just wear headphones and snarl at the computer a lot.

2.) Crossed Genres did a Haiti fundraiser last week. A bunch of people contributed, I think there are something like 100 stories up there now. It’s not just little fish, either. Jeff VanderMeer, Nalo Hopkinson, etc. have contributed stories too. It’s a great incentive, and fun to do.

Saturday was crap. I stepped down as Admin of Fifthwind Forums, under less than great circumstances, and went off to a volunteer orientation for the Police Department. Stopping off at home to drop off some Ikea purchases, I checked Twitter.

And had a flame-attack from a fellow writer. He accused me of cashing in on the Haitian crisis. He nominated Crossed Genres as Twat of 2010. All because we posted stories online, and asked people to donate instead of paying us.

Originally, I marked the comment for spam. I don’t need that kind of crap, especially not in a bad week. A comment was also left on my blog. Incendiary, childish and poorly typed-punctuated, it wasn’t something I took too much notice of.

It just irritates me that people are so quick to take anything done and attribute it to greed. I don’t have extra money. My mom and I are sharing a car, because she worked less than half of last year. I spend half of my time volunteering, rather than picking up paying jobs. My talent is writing. So if I can help by donating a story, I’m all for that.

‘Crash’ was earmarked for submission to the flash magazines. I wouldn’t have made a ton of money off of it, it’s less than 1000 words, and there aren’t many magazines that pay for flash. I don’t believe much in the Bible anymore, but there’s a concept that I love: Give what you can, whether it be money, time or talent. ‘When I was naked, you clothed me, when I was hungry, you fed me’. No, I can’t do much, but if I’d had to donate the story anonymously, I would have.

I’d like to hear what the affronted writer has done for the efforts? Next time, sweetheart, before accusing someone else of greed, selfishness or opportunism, make sure you have some ground to stand on. And that is ALL I will say in regards to that subject. Crash is still available, by the way, and I still ask that you donate to Haiti if you enjoy the story.

3.) Happy news…I adopted a puppy! Friends found a pathetic little hound puppy sitting in the middle of the road during one of our bad storms. After almost running her over, they stopped and brought her home. She got pretty scarred up, so it looks like she’s been fending for herself for a while, at least. She is, however, mostly house-broken, crate-trained, and knows the meaning of ‘sit’. She’s a smart little cookie, so we don’t know how much is her picking up on stuff, and how much is previous training.

In the meantime, the cat hates her and goes out of his way to spit at her, she loves the cat. There’s some food panic from the scrawny little thing, but that’s a hound characteristic anyways. Oh, and she ‘arwoooooooooos!’ Not often, just a bit. And she snores more loudly than that tiny body should be able to. The cutest part is when she ‘snorfles’ around the house, rooting under shoes and shelves for that interesting smell. The treadmill is her throne, and she’s trying desperately to get the cat to play with her. Adorable.

4.) Writing is precarious right now. A slow computer means it takes me an insane amount of time to right a blog, and, for some reason, I don’t like writing them in Word. So they may be much shorter for a while, which should make everyone sigh in relief.

I WILL get an Aether Age story done. The deadline is the end of January, and I’ve had trouble getting into my writing at all.

I am also trying to get a piece of Flash off to GlimmerTrain Magazine for their Very Short Fiction competition. Got to write that still, however, as they don’t accept genre and I already put out the one piece of non-genre I had.

‘Nightmare’ is slowly, but surely, picking up shape. I’m working more emotion, more darkness, into it. I’ve sent it to a couple of readers, and recieved glowing reviews already. Can’t complain.

That’s all I know of for now. Which is good, because my patience with the internet is nearly dead!

2 Responses to “Computer Woes”

  1. So many comments I could make. I will try to make a relevant one.

    I worked on Windows 7, and i know for a fact the engineers spent a huge amount of effort ripping out all the crap that Vista added into the Windows source. It’s speedy and less prone to problems such as the DVD issue.

    Give it a shot before moving on to Linux.

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